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Don Maseratte Classic Boss, Chidiebele Onu Flourishes at 28



The general saying that “Play now, Pay later. Pay now, Play later” has best been portrayed in the life of Chidiebele Onu. When his other colleagues where busy with the extravagant Lagos city lifestyle, he didn’t let anything distract him from reaching his peak in the fashion industry.

Today, Don Maseratte Classic is a brand to recon with. Asides being a role model to many, his generosity cannot be overemphasized.

The award-winning business mogul who has been in the fashion industry for over a decade is known for his consistency, steadiness, stability, density and orderliness.

Despite having a tough, hassle and rough upbringing as a result of the fact that he was not born with a silver spoon, the Enugu born has magnified into a phenomenon everybody wants to explore. No wonder his clients are 100 percent loyal to his brand.

He is in a happy mood right now as he celebrates his 28th birthday and he is not leaving any stone unturned to celebrate good life and thank God for how far he has gone in life and busines. Sequel to this, he extends his generosity by giving away nothing less than a million naira to the needy.

Chidiebele Onu, a native of Kerefi in Nkanu east is a religionist whose role model is strictly Jesus Christ. I doubt if there would be any reason to have a second thought on the rationale behind his persistent cheerful giving. Could we say that’s his good luck charm?

His journey so far in business, fashion industry precisely has not been an easy one even till date. Just like other successful business tycoons, he has failed severally but with the glory of God, he has everything to give thanks for. At least, his today is better than previous days.

Speaking on how the brand has metamorphosed into a group of companies and the challenges, Don Maseratte as fondly called elucidated that overtime, human disappointment has been a serious challenge. Secondly, the fluctuating exchange rate has been another challenge and lastly, the spontaneous pandemic is another unforgettable challenge. These challenges however cannot be considered as major setbacks instead motivation to wax stronger.

According to him, Don Maseratte Classic as a brand is an inspiration from God and in the next 10 years, he prays to see himself competing with international brands. He also prays to extend his generosity by raising as many poor and needy as possible through his brand.


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George Omoraro receives honorary award from Pastor Fenwa




The CEO of Rage Media Global, George Omoraro, continually shows that he is given to a life or servitude and excellence as he receives an honorary award from Pastor Amos Fenwa, the General Overseer, Holy Ghost Christian Centre Worldwide.

In a world where success has been redefined as youth and millennials scurry after glamour and social media fame, it is rare to find a youth who rises above the noise and George Omoraro is one of them.

To George Omoraro, success is defined by service and the lives he touches. He has dedicated his life to helping others by studying and working under those who have achieved success through legal means. And his actions have revived and inspired many.

As evidenced by his portfolio over the years, Omoraro is sold to service; he is a young man hungry for success and is going about it the right way. Many well-known people have paid tribute to him. However, the most recent one occurred at Holy Ghost Christian Centre’s recently concluded annual Impact Convention.

The CEO of Rage Media Global, was given a Brand Support award for his unwavering and excellent support of the ministry, which was present to him by Pastor Fenwa.

According to Omoraro, one of his organization’s main CSR initiatives is to assist ministries. He was lucky enough to be able to apply this act of service to the Holy Ghost Christian Centre.

“Thank you daddy for honoring Rage Media with this award. Yes, as business we are sold out to kingdom service and God rewards us daily but this truly warmed my heart that Pastor @amosfenwa thought to us honor us as well,” said Omoraro.

While expressing his gratitude for the award, Omoraro states further, “I had an experience of a lifetime last weekend”.

Omoraro also said the recognition from Fenwa and his ministry is a rare and undeserving opportunity and it was truly mind blowing for him. “I was blessed to be able to stand on that revered altar and introduce the new HCC brand identity to the world,” he said disclosing its a privilege he does not take granted.

He has devoted himself to not only gaining this experience, but also passing it on to young people in his community, as shown by his staff’s commitment and excellent service.

Omoraro has made it his mission to develop and prepare the next generation of leaders. With people like him working diligently to keep the mantle of servitude alive, the future of a great Nigeria is guaranteed.

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Why I Gave Uzochukwu 150m start-up capital -COSCHARIS Boss Revealed




Chairman and founder of COSCHARIS Group, Dr Cosmos Maduka has revealed how he empowered Dr Stanley Uzochukwu, Chairman and owner of Stanel Group with a business start-up capital of One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (N150,000,000) and made him one of Nigerian youngest billionaire.

Maduka made the revelation while sharing in Uzochukwu’s success stories during the just concluded ‘Stanel Youths Empowerment Master Class’ held at Stanel Dome in Awka, the Anambra State capital recently where he was one of the Keynote Speakers.

He inspired the participants with Uzochukwu’s humility and submission of self to be mentored by Nigerian political and business leaders that have placed him (Stanley) where he is today.

Maduka said that, at first, he mistook Uzochukwu for a 419 from the way he was following him. But he said what confused him more was the fact that each time they met, Uzochukwu always tried to give him money instead of asking for money.

With the permission of Dr Stanley Uzochukwu, Maduka narrated how he became a friend with Uzochukwu, a boy that could be his fifth son.

In his words, COSCHARIS Boss said, “The young man we are all here for or celebrating his impact on youths development today could be my fifth son if I had a child every two years. But I am going to tell you a story of how Stanley came to me.

“There was a day I went to the Villa and I saw this young man. This boy was just coming close to me. I paused and said to myself; who is this boy? Is he not a 419? I avoided him like a plague but he kept coming very close to me.

“Each time we meet, he would like to give me money. That act made me to be afraid of him. Why should this young man give me money?

“One day I was coming down from NICON Mega Hotel, Stanley saw me and knelt down before me and said, “Please Sir, just lay hand on me and say a word of prayer”. I told him, Stanley, get up let us go inside but he said no. He said, “Do it here”. I couldn’t help but to lay my hands on him and said, Lord, whatever virtue that is in me that this young man desires, grant it unto him.

“All of a sudden, while I was laying hands on him, I felt his hand in my pocket. I grabbed his hand because I felt he wanted to steal my money! But behold, Stanley stocked fifty thousand naira (N50,000) in my pocket. As I entered my car going to the airport, my head was pilling, thinking; where is this boy coming from? Why should he give me money? I was thinking about all of these but it wasn’t long that a boy that is about my fifth son became my friend.

“Stanley walked himself up to me. He was not coming to me to take money. He was not disturbing me financially and I became his friend and started talking to him.

“One day, I invited him to Lagos. I took him round Lagos to show him a few of my investments to humble him. I took him to about eight or nine different corporations I have in Lagos. In the end, I said to him, when you go back, you will know that I am not a small man you should be giving money.

“One day, Stanley called me and said that he wanted my favour to introduce him to First Bank if the bank could do business with him. I then asked him if he had an account with the bank and he said yes and I then asked him to send me his statement of account to see his inflow.

“He didn’t ask me for money. But when I saw his statement of account, I surprised him! I transferred One Hundred and Fifty Million (N150,000,000) to his account. I don’t need to introduce him to the bank. I told him to do whatever he wanted to do with the money and return it to me without interest but I warned him to be careful. There was no agreement between us but he faithfully returned the money in full at once after a year. We didn’t go to court. This was several years ago.

“We are not here to advertise Stanley but I feel very proud that he (Stanley) is a billionaire today and I share in his success because I impacted his life.”

To learn about how this encounter shaped the life of Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu,  watch full video here 

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“ENDING 2020 WITH AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUTDE” – Sijibomi Ogundele’s Message To Nigerians




Dear Nigerians,

Corona was a blessing and also a curse. A blessing because it reminded us of the importance of life and how the slightest negligence can result in a worse accident.

It is also a reminder, of how the greatest asset of ANY government is their Human Resources and not their Physical Resources! From Dubai to Denmark, Cairo to Cape Town, and Los Angeles to Lagos, Covid 19 has disrupted our LONG-anticipated 2020, which was POPULARLY referred to as the golden year. Having said that, to move into a new era of 2021, our first attitude must be that of gratitude.


COVID 19 like a joke, came FASTER than a tsunami, crippled economies; stole the lives of many loved ones – without regards for political status, nationality or qualification. Some, who felt like gods, were REDUCED 6-feet down, but I repeat again, our first attitude must be that of gratitude.

As we keep extending our condolences to families of those that have lost their loved ones, WE USE THIS opportunity to remind us that COVID is real and the fear of Corona is the beginning of wisdom.

THIS YEAR, we’ve had to fight lotS of battles…from the Black Lives Matters, where discrimination and racism held the breath of our brothers in America, to the death of the Iconic sports entrepreneur – Kobe Bryant.

THE WHOLE WORLD, was held in SHOCK, when we woke up to the death of our Wakanda brother – Chadwick Boseman; we can’t still get over the death of radio personality – Dan Foster;

The explosion that erupted in the small city of Beirut, which was SO LOUD that the whole world felt the cry of our Lebanese brothers. History will never forget the controversies surrounding the American election, where one man almost DISRUPTED the democratic foundation that has held a nation for over 200 years.


It goes on and on! Our fine pilot leader Jerry John Rawlins, one of the champions of African nation! No other man has captivated the world in mental and physical dribblings like Diego Armando ‘Maradona’!. We at Sujimoto extend our deepest condolences to thw family and the people of Argentina! Ladies and gentlemen, we shall not move into a new era, without first making our attitude be that of gratitude!

While still recovering from this HORRENDOUS pandemic, the EndSARS protest happened! The EndSars agitation was not only about the brutality of the Special Armed Robbery Squad, but a way to put an end to the historical and institutional looting of our educational palliative, infrastructural, economical and medical palliatives.

The EndSARS protest was to put an end to the injustice and institutional looting of the common wealth of our nation! And my first attitude is that of gratitude to my brothers and sisters, for lending our voice, knowing that one tweet can travel and start a conversation, that can change the narrative of our generation.

From the corners of Kastina to the borders of Borno, INSECURITY has become the bedrock of our nation. Inflation has skyrocketed, causing food insecurities, making life difficult for the COMMON MAN. EVEN Onions has become the local man’s diamond!

Economic chaos, job losses and Inflation, has made people commit suicide and many carring their bags seeking for opportunities in Canada.

In spite of COVID 19, the tension of #EndSars and the face of recession, we were FACED with two options; we had a CHOICE to give up or find opportunities where others saw calamity.

At Sujimoto, we made the choice to CONVERT our fears into fortunes, WE created NEW iconic projects, that will not only compete with the best locally but stand among giants globally!

The Leonardo – the most sophisticated residential building in Banana Island, WHERE every inch from foundation to finishing will elaborate the true essence of luxury. We took Abuja by storm and created Queen Amina -a luxury twin tower in the HEART of Maitama, designed to disrupt any form of mediocrity in the real estate industry.

We didn’t stop there! We are creating the Sujimoto Diamond City, where we would have about 1200 apartments, 98,000sqm of office spaces, 2 five star hotels, 20,000 seater conference hall, 10,000 car parks, hospitals, sport centre, independent power centre and many more…CREATING a mini Dubai in the centre of Lagos!.

What we couldn’t achieve in 5 years, we’ve achieved in 5 months! THIS WAS only made possible because we made a CAUTIOUS decision to turn our problems into opportunities and our fears into fortunes. YOU TOO can do the same but first, we MUST NOT enter into a new era, without attitude be that of gratitude.

From Kaduna to Calabar, Awka to Ikeja and Ikorodu to Ikoyi, I USE this opportunity to call on ALL NIGERIANS, to unite against the DISEASE of tribalism and enter the new era of 2021 with the attitude of gratitude.

Opportunity has no tribe or religion, but SHE ONLY understands entrepreneurship! I have travelled all over the world and trust me, Nigeria is the BIGGEST ground for uncommon Opportunities!

The Nigeria of the Adenugas, Dangotes and the Coscharis, IS THE SAME Nigeria where a Lebanese man can come as a Trader and become an industrialist; an Indian comes as a Storekeeper and end up a Manufacturer!

This can only happen because while many realist and pessimist are discussing, these guys are taking optimistic advantages that is changing the narratives of their destiny. We too can do the same by making a CONSCIOUS decision to turn our Lemon into Lemonade and produce diamonds from our coal.

To Nigerians home and abroad, and everyone who has made 2020 beautiful for us, we say may the odds be in our favour as we enter a new era!

Once again, let’s not forget the essence of making our attitude that of gratitude. BE a source of HOPE to the hopeless, because 2020 has shown us all that when your neighbour is hungry, your chicken is not safe!

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