February 21, 2024

Bada Mutiu, an Environmental Specialist with interest in Forestry and Wildlife Management has penned down his contribution to the annual World Habitat Day 2020.

According to him, habitat is a place where human lives, eat , coexists, reproduce and also could best be defined as an abode.

Following the theme “housing for all, a better urban future”, he explained further that a total of 1.8 billion people are not living in a conducive habitat. Nigeria particularly, 16 million people lack access to shelter, hence why there is need to discuss the importance of having a befitting abode and habitat.

The United Nations however set aside world habitat day which was first conceived in 1985 and was commemorated in 1986.

Moving forward, he explained how environment is important to everyone. It is pertinent to note that humans have no other planet than the planet earth hence why humans need to take environmental sustainability for us and the future generation important.



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