April 11, 2024

As funny as it may seem, some Ghanaian men have disclosed the things they use to chop some Ghanaian ladies and the list looks very interesting.

According to these men, some ladies look beyond looks before dating a guy. They look at what the guy can offer in terms of money and how you will make them happy since most of them cannot make up there and doesn’t really know what they even want.

They claim it is a materialistic generation with no natural love – that is, one without money, a car, and others cannot afford the kind of woman they want. Well I support the woman, Nobody wants to suffer, we all want comfort, But ladies make sure your Dad and your brothers also have the things you are requesting from your man.

In a survey conducted Two key things that ran through the various submissions are car key, Mobile Money, and some good money.

They were contributing to a post made by YEN.com.gh on its official Facebook page.

Check the hilarious comments below:


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