February 21, 2024

The Erelu Oduna, HRH Erelu Oodua Tinuade Mabel Onaneye took to her social media page to express her exasperation about the way the corpse of the late Olubadan of Ibadan was handled.

She regarded the late king as a very powerful king and at that should be treated as sacrilege.

“Exposing the corpse of Olubadan, a powerful Yoruba ruler is sacrilege. Haba! Shame on the Ibadan kingmakers, shame on the family of Olubadan, shame on Ibadan people. Osun/Oyo state shame on you.
I am scared, Yoruba culture is missed/lost. How can we get it back???
It’s finished, rest in peace Alayeluwa Olubadan of Ibadan.

#Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!”
HRH Erelu Oodua Tinuade Mabel Onaneye.

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