April 18, 2024

Portable, a self-described ‘wahala musician,’ has made a surprising admission about his alleged alcohol consumption.

According to the Zazoo singer, Alcohol is forbidden for him.

During a recent YouTube interview, the controversial musician stated that he does not consume alcohol.

He stated that while many people judge him for his attitude, it is not the product of drinking but rather inborn.

When asked if he drinks alcohol to gain so much energy he said: “I don’t drink alcohol but I zazu.”

Testifying to his statement, the show host and interviewer, Jahbless, said:

“I was actually surprised when he came in and I offered him Hennessy but he declined.”

Portable also opened up on one of the reasons behind his fallout with his former promoter, Kogbagidi, noting that “they wanted to kill me with over packaging.”

The free-spirited performer, whose recent fame has been marred by turmoil and feuds with Kogbagidi, has been sombre after both parties were rumoured to have parted ways.

Portable confirmed the breakup in a podcast with renowned Nigerian musician Jahbless and also said that he is currently working with a new show promoter named Danku.

The enthusiastic singer revealed that he split from Kogbagidi because he felt he was being confined by the promoter and wanted to work freely.

This news comes after Portable previously accused his former show promoter of defrauding him.

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