April 15, 2024

A lady has cried out on social media over her little daughter who frequently complains of pain in her backside.

The concerned mother who shared her story to Facebook group, “Once a mum, always a mum”, revealed that her daughter stays on the same bed with her father and she has her suspicions.

In her words:

“From an omamstar. Please mummy I want you to help me post and hide my I.d,i need advice from my fellow mummy. My daughter of 3year two months love sleeping close to her dad but me I don’t like that idea. And I just put to bed I would have bring her close to me. Where I told her to be sleep she don’t like sleeping there.

And sometimes she will be complaining that her bum bum is paining her I will try to check but I will not see anything.i will ask her did you put your hand inside your bum bum she will say no. Please mummy in the house I don’t know what to do. She do talk but not that clear.and also anytime she play with other children outside she will comeback and still complain that her bum bum is paining her.

The one that surprise most was that yesterday she was complaining that her vgn. is paining her.i try to ask did she or anybody put hand there. I don’t understand what she is saying.i check her vagin. I didn’t see anything.mummy please I don’t know what to do. I told my husband that he should stop allowing her to come close during sleeping hour he said what did I mean.

did I mean he will do anything with his daughter.mummy please am scared.so that anything will not happen to her. Please advice me on what to do thank you mummy. Or anybody with sure experience should tell me what to do thank you ma”




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