February 25, 2024

LCC is more than a tolling company. It brings values that enable a peaceful, safe and comfortable every day pursuit of economic aspirations for stakeholders in its ecosystem

These values are the many essential services LCC delivers to all stakeholders including motorists, passers-by, and the communities along the Eti-Osa/Lekki-Epe Expressway axis

The essential services LCC provides include:
a. Medical Emergency services to road users in need
b. 24/7 Ambulance/Rescue Services to accident victims
c. 24/7 Emergency Towing Van services to ensure smooth flow of traffic
d. 24/7 Security patrol to ensure round-the-clock protection and safety for lives and properties
e. Road and Traffic management to ensure convenient commuter experience
f. Environmental protection of the host communities through drainage clearing, beautification etc.
g. Employment generation with over 500 direct and thousands of indirect staff

These essential services give LCC systemic importance to the day-to-day security, safety and peaceful conduct of social and economic activities within the communities where it operates

Since inception, LCC has diligently delivered these services and the benefits therefrom to the people of Lagos State without fail or favor…

LCC’s Toll Plazas therefore enable residents and those plying those axes to access safe, secure, and smooth daily commute to their daily pursuit of social and economic prosperity.

As a committed social citizen, LCC has dutifully sustained the delivery of those values in service to the people throughout the 18-month period it has been away from the toll plazas.

LCC’s need to return is an imperative to enable the continued delivery of values to the communities it serve, as well as meet its statutory obligations to staff and creditors.

It’s important to note that LCC was NEVER indicted for any wrongdoing and the toll plazas were never designated as crime scenes.

Also, LCC cooperated fully with the Judicial Panel of Enquiries during proceedings and was cleared and granted approval to return to operations as far back as February 2021…

It is only fair to return to ‘work’ in order to continue to deliver the support the society, and secure the dignity and livelihoods of its hundreds of employees, as well as their dependents running into thousands.

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