April 17, 2024

RUFAI Saleem Mayowa

RUFAI Saleem
RUFAI Saleem Mayowa

Most people have been itching to know exactly what prompted the brand name ‘Roasted Amala’. It’s a rather funny name that made its first appearance on social media sometime in 2009.
Roasted Amala is a social and digital marketing brand that was founded and is being managed by Rufai Saleem Mayowa. Roasted Amala is a brand that specializes in all forms of social and digital marketing service on every product or service on a small or large scale.

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Roasted Amala was initially a name that Saleem came up with whilst still in secondary school as an attempt to stay anonymous on social media and try to provoke the public with specific kinds of contents. In Saleem’s words: ‘I came up with Roasted Amala to do something really similar to what instablog9ja does. Nobody really knows who’s behind the account or how they get their news contents but you just get to see a lot of contents on the Instagram page from time to time, so something similar to that was what I really had in mind to do’

Saleem has been on social media since 2009, but he did not start to use Roasted Amala as a brand name till 2010, since he had the zeal and interest to be a social media influencer. He needed his own identity on social media and therefore, he decided to adopt the already existing name that would be able to get the attention of most people who hear it.
Roasted Amala has been registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and has been certified for over 5 years.

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