February 22, 2024

Someone asked me “What is the best way to steal (take) another man’s wife? I deserve her, not him and can treat her way better than he can. PLEASE HELP ME!” He said.

Well, I told him how to achieve that, the best way to steal (take) another man’s wife and the consequences.

Devil Does Not Destroy Marriages – Daddy Freeze Tells Ka3na

I said, I believe you are a Christian, go and read the 10 Commandments. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife made the list. But If you don’t care about religion then in order to “steal” her, you need to first begin having an affair with her. Fvck her so hard.  That will bond you two together and convince her that you are better than her husband.

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Best Way To Steal Another Man’s Wife & Make Her Yours

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