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Need A Job Desperately? Here Are Tips To Help You Secure Your Dream Job




Getting a job these days for a graduate is a herculean task than the whole stress of passing through tertiary institutions. In a competitive labour market like Nigeria,mere qualifications are not just enough to secure a dream job as the system has been rigged to favour individuals based on connections, that is who you are/knows matters more.


In this article notwithstanding, we will discuss tips/ways you can even your odds in the quest to secure a dream job. Let’s get started with the basic things you need to take note of :



Its needless to state the fact that PUNCTUALITY is the thief of time. When you have a job interview,you should try your best to be at the location as early as possible. Let’s say the interview is scheduled to hold at 9am. As a serious minded individual,you should be out of bed by 5am,get ready to leave your home 6:30 latest in order to get to your destination as early as possible. Doing this will help you beat the early morning traffic with an edge over other interested candidates that will possibly arrive late for the interview.



I personally feel this is something a serious minded person should ordinarily take note of. No one is asking you to live above your means,working on your budget will surely get you modest but corporate dressing. Be neat. Make use of deodorants and be sure to get yourself rid of offensive smell like mouth/body odour. This makes a strong statement to the interviewer on your zeal to get the job. Appearance is key cause remember,as you are dressed,so you are addressed.



Build up your CV. Try to be the best you can be and in order to do this,you must do the extraordinary,make your CV unique. Endeavor to embrace anything that comes your way,this gets you some working experience as you slowly build up your CV. Don’t wait till the dream job before you move on cause every experience is golden.



Be creative enough to attempt every question thrown at you during the interview. If you don’t have an idea about a certain question,try to attempt it. This gives your interviewer/prospective boss the impression that you’re not the type to back down easily from challenges as it could play out doing the job in the field assuming you got employed depending on your line of work.



It has been scientifically proven that smiling always slows down the ageing process of the face. Always put up a smile when you go for interviews. Having a positive attitude makes you approachable to people, no one wants to do business with a frowning face at the other end of the table.


Needless to say that having a positive mindset helps on the scheduled day for the interview. If you’re not fortunate enough to get the job shouldn’t make you bitter nor keep you from moving on,there’s a lesson to be learnt from every experience. Keep going on as there’s no specified amount of trials set by any standards in order to achieve one’s goals and desires. We hope you take note of these tips as discussed above and also wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.



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5 foods that can prevent erectile dysfunction




Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can cause stress, relationship strain and low self-confidence.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can make it difficult to get or maintain an erection. It can be a sign of a physical or psychological condition.

The main symptom is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Some foods are perfect for men’s sexual health and regulating erectile dysfunction.

Following certain foods may also be helpful. Here’s a list of them below:

  • Avocados

Avocados work magic for men’s libido. It contains Vitamin E and Zinc which increases testosterone and sperm quality.

  • Oats

This breakfast food is excellent for the penis. It helps men reach orgasm. Wild oats are an aphrodisiac because it possesses amino acid L-Arginine which helps the blood vessel in the penis relax. The blood vessel in the penis relaxing is important in maintaining an erection and reaching orgasm.

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The best sex positions for overweight people are also great for most people. They provide a degree of comfort that anyone can enjoy. Ultimately, the best sex positions for overweight couples is going to vary from couple to couple and requires open and honest communication, confidence to express what feels good, and a willingness to experiment until you find something you both enjoy.

Here are some of the best sex positions for overweight people – experiment to find out which ones you like the most and prepare to take your sex life to the next level.

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This position also makes it easy to self-stimulate as you’re being penetrated, or your partner can reach around to touch you.

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S3X drive among men and women in their 20s, 30s and early 40s



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It seems like a simple question, but scientists still can’t agree on exactly what makes up love making drive or how to measure it in men or women. While hormones play a role, it’s not always clear how much of a difference they make. But other factors, psychological, social, and physical also work together to create your drive.

Men: Your 20s

According to WebMD, testosterone, a hormone men need for love making drive, is typically high in your 20s. But it’s also a time when you could be anxious about intercouse because of inexperience. That might be part of why 8%, and possibly more, of men in their 20s report erectile dysfunction (ED). The condition can happen because of a medical or mental health issue or even be a sign that you’re at risk for heart disease. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms.


Women: Your 20s

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Men: 30s and Early 40s

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Women: 30s and Early 40s

This time of life may be when your love making drive is strongest. One study showed that women between 27 and 45 had more frequent and more intense love making fantasies than younger or older women. They also had more intercouse and were more likely to have it sooner in a relationship.

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