February 21, 2024

On the surface, what you’d probably see when you see him is likely just another calm, collected and modestly dressed young man. He may come across as another polo player, someone who does quite a bit on his mobile devices and an upwardly mobile adult.

However, away from all of that is a critical thinker, the polymath, and the well-versed entrepreneur.

With full interest in tech, service-providing businesses, consulting, solving problems and several other investments, Khalil Halilu is the perfect example of a visionary 21st-century entrepreneur whose unwavering hope and inspiring belief in the actualization of the “Nigerian Dream” is not just super-strong, but can be very much contagious.

Beyond running several programmes in the Nigerian tech space for young innovators, Khalil Halilu has over the years proven himself as an expert and a thought leader. Someone who is constantly seeking to proffer solutions to problems faced by business owners in Nigeria and across Africa in the nearest future.

Khalil Sulieman Halilu, born on the 29th of October, 1990 in Kano state, Nigeria is the eldest of five children. Having attended the Rainbow Primary School in Kano from 1996, he soon after began his Secondary School Education at St. Thomas Catholic School (2001-2003) which he completed at Prime College, in Kano (2006).
Khalil enrolled at the University of Hertfordshire, right after secondary education, and obtained his Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Business Administration in 2009, as well as his Master’s degree in International Business in 2010.

Growing up with a knack to solve neck-biting problems and reshape the outlook of his home country, Khalil has always had a passion for providing relevant yet sustainable business solutions, especially via Tech and IT. After several years of knowledge acquisition, he decided to start by using his ideas to reshape the agricultural sector.

In 2018, Khalil started the Center for Civic, Welfare and Community Development (CWCD Africa) – A non-governmental organization focused on contributing tangibly to societal areas like Health, Education, Environment and Climate Change. Other areas like Sustainability, Inclusive Development, Welfare for Refugees, Migrants and The Displaced within the continent have also been looked into.

Under Khalil, the CWCD launched another invention, the Zabe mobile app, which was pivotal during the Nigerian General Elections in 2019. Zabe App is a civic tool that seeks to deepen democratic participation and decentralize electoral transparency. To further ensure that the processes in the election were fair and credible, the Zabe.ng was created as an election monitoring app that can keep voters up to date with real-time updates.

Zabe.ng enjoyed amazing success and proved to be a useful tool in the election recording only a 3% difference from the Independent National Electoral Commission’s results. In a bid to further influence lives and eradicate more problems, Khalil ventured into the next possible way to help.

Khalil, or KSH, as he is fondly called, spotted the stress that accompanies modern-day shopping, from sorting to logistics and made available a more convenient way for shoppers to avoid crowded market places and unnecessary long drives to get supplies.

This led to the creation of ShapShap. An online platform that provides on-demand delivery service to those who need it. ShapShap has helped a large number of shoppers to find their favourite products, order, and track deliveries till they get to their final destination.
In his own words, “There is no doubt that African problems are best addressed by home-grown solutions”.

Just as any wise African entrepreneur with insight will do, Khalil has in recent times, keyed into youth empowerment. The multifaceted genius is focused on raising a dynamic generation of unconventional thinkers and innovators, savvy enough to receive the baton in the race of imprinting Nigeria amongst the Tech greats.

One of the strategies put in motion was the creation of CANs.ng – a hub of innovative expression for the up-and-coming entrepreneurial enthusiasts.
To Khalil, this project is more than a physical space, CANs.ng is a platform committed to building Africa’s next-gen thought leaders and recognized experts in several fields.

With so much at hand, Khalil Halilu in his free time has proven he is also a well-groomed sportsman. He is an all-rounder with Golf and Polo being his major hobbies. Khalil is also a member of the Abuja Polo club, Nigerian Polo Association, Lagos Polo club and Kano Golf club.

With so much done, and yet more to achieve, Khalil is confident in proffering more localized Tech solutions alongside providing innovative options for solving today’s problems.

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