April 18, 2024

“According to medicinenet.com”, condoms help prevent many health problems during intimacy, such as sexually transmitted diseases, and infections that affect the private organs, so it is recommended to use a condom, especially if you do not want to become pregnant.

There are many types of condoms of different sizes and materials, so you must make sure to choose the right condom for the size of the male organ, and you should look for a good type that is not torn during intimacy. This is one of the most prominent mistakes in using condoms and you must try your best to avoid it.

One of the major problems many people face during intercourse is the scenario of a condom coming off. Some of the causes of this scenario include;

. When its size is too large

When the condom you are using is too large, you face a high risk of it coming off during the process.

. Loss of hard-on

Make sure you withdraw from your partner once you lose your hard-on. Not doing this on time can make the condom fall off.

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