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Allah doesn’t accept Sallah rams bought with stolen money – Scholar



Islamic scholar and Zamfara State Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Sheikh Tukur Jangebe, tells MAIHARAJI ALTINE about the essence of Eid Al Adha, commonly called Sallah

What is the essence of slaughtering animals on Sallah day?

The essence of slaughtering animals on Sallah day is to perform one of the Sunna (actions) of our noble and humble Prophet Muhammad, who also slaughtered animals during his lifetime. The slaughtering of ram started from the time when Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful, directed Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his only son, Ismail, and in the process of trying to slaughter the child, Allah, in His infinite mercy, replaced the son with a ram.

So, from that time to date, Muslims are directed by Allah, through Prophet Muhammad, to observe the worship during the annual Eid Al Adha festival, otherwise called Sallah.


Apart from ram, which is the commonest animal slaughtered at Sallah, what other animals are acceptable?

Apart from ram, a Muslim can also slaughter sacrificial animals like goat, cow or camel. But ram is the most rewarding, followed by goat, then cow and lastly camel.

Some people also slaughter chicken, possibly because they can’t afford a goat or ram. Is chicken not acceptable?

Apart from rams, goats, sheep and camels, any other animal that is slaughtered for Sallah is not valid. You cannot slaughter chicken, wild animals or a pig in the name of Sallah sacrifice.

What rewards are attached to the slaughtering of animals at Sallah?

The rewards cannot be quantified but our noble and humble Prophet has told us that to attract the highest reward, the sacrificial animal must be a healthy and fat ram, followed by a cow, then a camel. The Prophet has also stated that if a Muslim slaughteres a ram in the name of worship during Sallah, its hair, meat and even the blood would be measured by God and be rewarded according to quantity.

Is it true that an injured or sick animal is not acceptable for Sallah?

It is quite true. An injured or sick animal is unfit for sacrifice during Sallah. This is because our noble and humble Prophet Muhammad clearly told us in the Hadith that God does not accept such animals.

If the animal to be sacrificed is healthy, proper and fleshy and has full organs, it will be appropriate for the purpose and nature of the worship and for hygiene.

If the animal is crippled and weak or it lacks some organs, it is not fit for Sallah sacrifice. If the animal is blind in one or two eyes or its horns and ears are cut off, it is not suitable. Similarly, an animal, whose tongue or tail is cut off or its teeth have fallen off, cannot be used for Sallah sacrifice.

We should however note that if an animal has no horns by nature or slightly ill and its ear is slightly torn, it can be used for Sallah sacrifice.

If one buys an animal ahead of Sallah celebration but the animal falls sick or gets injured days to Sallah and one can’t afford another, will such a person have any reward based on the intention of his heart?

Certainly, yes. Actions are always judged by God according to intention. If one buys his sacrificial animal and it eventually dies before Sallah and he has no money to buy another one, God will certainly reward him because he has fully prepared to perform the sacrifice but for the death of his animal.

In what ways can people who are too poor to afford any animal also benefit from the blessings of Sallah?

God knows their condition. He knows those who have the zeal to sacrifice an animal but have no money to do so; as such, He will reward them according to their intention. On the other hand, those who have the means to buy a ram but refuse to do so, will surely attract Allah’s punishment.

There was a recent trending video of two youths who allegedly stole rams for Sallah. Does one get any reward by slaughtering stolen animal at Sallah?

Allah does not reward any religious activity which is done with either stolen or looted money. So if somebody steals money and buys sacrificial animal for Sallah he will not get any reward for God.

What processes must be observed before the slaughtering of the Sallah animal?

Before slaughtering an animal for Sallah sacrifice, one must make sure that it is on Sallah day and those who could not get their animals on Sallah day can still do it three days after Sallah. And before you slaughter your animal, you must make sure that the Imam or religious leader in your community has slaughtered his own.

Slaughtering of animals should not be performed the night before Sallah and anybody who slaughters his animal before Sallah day has nullified his ibadah (supplications).

What is Allah’s injunction on the handling of Salah meat, including its sharing?

A person who slaughters an animal for Sallah sacrifice has an option as far as its meat is concerned. He can either eat the whole meat with his family alone or the meat, if he wishes. But some Islamic scholars say that the meat could be divided into three. One part to be eaten by the family, the second part to be shared among the needy while the remaining part could be kept in the house for future use.

Is there a particular number of days within which one must finish Sallah meat?

No specific days. One can keep his meat for whatever duration. People should understand that God wants the animals to be sacrificed in his name only while the meat could either be kept by the owner of the animal or be given out to the needy. It is not the meat that matters but the slaughtering of animals.



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Despite the well-publicized invitation of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode by the DSS and the report that the secret police asked him to return for further investigation today, we were surprised that the police have also jumped into the same matter.

On Tuesday the AIG Federal Investigation Bureau also invited Fani-Kayode for questioning.

The APC-PCC is concerned about the latest invitation by another security agency, just some 10 days to the election, when he is most needed as our director of New Media.

While we are not questioning the authority of the police to invite our official, we want the police to be mindful that the truth they seek to find is already being pursued by the DSS.

They should allow the DSS to complete its investigation.

Chief Fani-Kayode upon his first interview by the DSS, described the agency as “very professional”, in the way the operatives grilled him on a tweet accusing one of the opposition leaders of cooking something with the military authorities. The DSS at the meeting made it clear to him that the basis of his tweet, a newspaper report, was not correct.

Fani-Kayode will have another round of grilling by the DSS today.

In a statement Tuesday night, the agency spokesman explained the reason for Fani-Kayode’s invitation, saying it was in respect of an investigation of some of his allegations and insinuations relating to issues relevant to​ National Security.

“Chief Fani-Kayode faced a Panel which interviewed him on the subject matter. Afterwards, the Service granted him administrative bail and directed that he makes routine returns to the Office with effect from Wednesday, 15th February, 2023 till otherwise. The investigation, however, continues,” DSS said.

We want the police to allow the investigation go its full course, so that they do not open themselves to suspicions that they were implementing an agenda scripted by the opposition.

Chief Fani-Kayode is a respected Nigerian and had served his country as minister of aviation. He will be available any time to answer for his actions.

Bayo Onanuga
Director, Media and Publicity
APC Presidential Campaign Council
February 15, 2023

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An Asiwaju In Every State Is Akin To A Poverty Free Nigeria – Kamal Rahman



Our past experiences have not only taught us that our destiny lies with us – just as the Piper dictates the tune. It has dawn on us that we finally have to embrace oneness , extinguish diversities , move on and live the dream . This is the desire of all Nigerians . However , the role of the one and only who will bell the cat can never be undermined .

After going round and round, through and through , all fingers point to Bourdillon , the home of that one man who is vastly experienced in tackling political issues , the giant , the listener , an achiever  and the hope – Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has become a significant gladiator in the agitation concerning the future of the Nigerian state. His views and opinions have been subjected to heated debates that exceed the personal, political and cultural understanding of an average Nigerian politician.

Ashiwaju is not an ordinary politician but a personality worthy of being studied. How he keeps resurfacing in every conversation on and offline among the youths and adults is what should be emulated not by other politicians alone but everyone who holds or aspire to hold a significant position.

Far and near , the name “Jagaban” sounds like an eruption of volcano in the ears of those that celebrate and those that detest him. As if his participation in clamoring for a free and better Nigeria in the 90s alongside some comrades is not enough , he went on to demonstrate true representative governance during his days as the Lagos State Governor. Little wonder why all around Nigeria , his songs of praise dominate.

The name “Asiwaju” meaning “the one who leads” is a Yoruba appellation that carries the burden of Yoruba ethical principles and he has been able to live up to the name as he is the kind of leader every state wished they had. A leader who do not segregate , one whose ideology and concept centers mainly around creating a conducive, accommodating and soothing environment for all Nigerians, regardless of religion or ethnicity or status.

Many have families across the ocean, some even in Nigeria successful enough to break the chains of poverty in their family but would rather choose to oppress instead of lifting them out of the shackles of poverty. But it appears the tune is about to change. In him Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the man of vision , emotion and mission to get our beloved country to the much deserved promise Land.

So far, “the city boy “  has lived an exemplary life by building men who are not members of his family politically in other to tackle the issue of bad leadership in the country. Also, he has fed many people who are not related to him, a man who will go to any length to bring forth a smile to the face of the sad.

However, it is so disheartening and inhumane that such a philanthropist and an absolute humanitarian is still facing criticism from some sect. Even the well-to-do family members that abandoned their family in the pool of poverty will come out and call him names.

But so glaring it is now, the light is here, the path is clear, and it’s time our heroes hopes are freed, as Asiwaju as usual is ready to lead Nigerians out of abject poverty.


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I have never joined discussions on the older generations handing over to younger generations because the issues are much more than that. Handing over of leadership is not a choice. It’s an established natural law that nothing can change the ageing process. Those nations with enlightened leaders are conscious of the inevitability of death that is why they train younger ones to take over. I am not going to be discussing why a candidate is better than the other. My reasoning is not founded on faults nor fallacies; but on the reality of things that are before us as Nigerians.


Asiwaju made his own mistake in 2011 by delivering the southwest to PDP rather than CPC with whom they could have at least provided alternative governance for Nigerians and naturally he must receive his due chastisement as divine penalty. He actually allowed himself to be ‘used’ by the old Afenifere/NADECO caucus whose agenda since after June 12 is to move the Yorubas out the Nigerian nationhood. The same folks are his greatest enemies today when he chose to correct the mistakes of the Buhari led government. His merger with Buhari was seen as a game taken too far by some silent gladiators but the eventualities of the APC primaries proved a bigger point than many of us could imagine. Asiwaju truly meant the statement, e lo fo kan baale – you guys should go and relax. His emergence has reawakened the hopes of many Nigerians that good times may be imminent.


The achievements of Asiwaju in our national polity are too significant to be made feeble by anybody not to talk of many of the constituents of my generation – The Nigerian Youths. Asiwaju had not only provided the people of southwest with a performance-based leadership template since 1999 but has successfully engaged his own party by compelling it at all times to prove itself to be virile. A closer study of Asiwaju’s politicking towards the Nigeria agenda is the fact that he had successfully been able to involve a lot of people from various ethnic backgrounds in his refining system of governance. The appointment of individuals’ that were not from Lagos State into key positions in the governance of Lagos State is a good pointer. I boldly say that he was that single man that stretched this path of honour just for effective governance. To him, we all must get the job right whether you are Yoruba or Igbo. Asiwaju remains the most detribalized Nigerian politician on Earth – res ipsa loquitur. Asiwaju is a master strategist and a political titan of no mean measure. He is a product of many factors ranging from his political consistency, training and planting of political associates and in particular social capital programmes and philanthropic gestures over the years. It is no longer news that Asiwaju has really paid his due in the political atmosphere of Nigeria; hence there is no dispute as to the everlasting relevance in the political history of this Nigeria from his NADECO days to this present Fourth Republic where he has navigated through various potholes to stage himself. One reason why he can lay credence to being a true-born democrat is his salutary efforts to redefine the concept of party politics in the effervescent terrain called Nigeria. This is no doubt a man with the Nigeria Agenda. In the game of politics, Asiwaju is a master planner, commanding force and arresting personality who has not only raised men and leaders, he is also a great friendship builder and manager. It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test.


Asiwaju fought for our democracy from the days he was exiled from Nigeria alongside other pro-democracy activists over the June 12, 1993, presidential election crisis. That election which was annulled by General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd) was won by Chief MKO Abiola who died fighting to actualise his mandate freely given to him by Nigerians. This is the journey that Asiwaju is leading at the moment. It is safe to conclude that Nigeria might get to see a replica or a better version of June 12 elections. The spirit of are alive and would be set to work again. No doubt the Muslim-muslim Ticket is coming to play again. In 1993, Chief MKO Abiola chose a Kanuri man as his Vice; and 30 years later Asiwaju also picked a Kanuri man has his Vice. This can never be a mere coincidence but a substantive one. A brief into what Senator Kashim Shettima stands for is his action towards the issue of insurgents in Nigeria, more particularly Boko Haram. Contrary to the propaganda that has filled the media space on the fact that he was the cause of the captivity of the Chibok girls by Boko Haram insurgents. It is notable to point out that Senator Kashim Shettima has been coordinating the rehabilitation and resettlement of victims of the Boko Haram insurgents. This is what over 50,000 children are benefitting across the 27 local governments in his State. It just doesn’t measure up saying he made the Chibok girls case happened. We had a federal government that failed woefully in that aspect. A part of the solution that many feared to take is what Shettima has been doing before now.

The June 12 mantra of hope was not based on religion whether was it premised on bias and sentiments. It was founded on the believe that Nigeria must work. It’s just so insensitive that at this critical time of our governance, we are playing the religion cards as a yardstick to good governance. Many have forgotten so quick that Asiwaju being a Muslim sacrificed his Vice President’s slot for a Christian even when it was considered then that a Muslim – muslim ticket was not in a bad place. We also forget so soon that sometimes in 2011, the Action Congress of Nigeria fielded a Muslim-muslim ticket. Nuhu Ribadu and Fola Adeola were both Muslims but I guess hell was not let loosed because many never believed the duo could emerge victorious at the general polls. Is this present outcry indicative that Asiwaju-Shettima is a goal already? If yes, it is a sure bet from antecedent of the duo that they are both leaders who exercises uncommon influence as well as considerable power. As it is, we have the duo that truly understands that challenges that all in Nigeria must face. Beyond flattering, they have proven that they are always set to assist in the setting of goals and priorities, to work with others in finding paths to those goals chosen, maintaining public morale and motivation and nurturing a workable level of public unity. The implication is that both men possess the power or influence of transforming something common into something valuable. To many who do not know, our land that is watered by the Niger and Benue and located between the sandy wastes and Gulf of Guinea, washed by the mighty Atlantic is set to be purified by the renewed June 12 hope again. The way of knowledge is superior to the way of action.

Amb. Habeeb Whyte Esq.,

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