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Guinness World Records approves as Nigerian man applies for longest film-watching marathon



Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records approves as Nigerian man applies for longest film-watching marathon


In a remarkable display of determination and passion, a Nigerian man from Ekiti state named Adebiyi Isreal has set his sights on breaking the world record for the longest hours spent watching films.

Adebiyi Isreal, a 500L law student at Ekiti State University, has recently revealed his ambitious plan and shared his application with the Guinness World Records, indicating his intention to make history.

Adebiyi took to social media to announce his endeavor, posting a screenshot of an email he received from the Guinness World Records confirming the acceptance of his application.

The email stated that his application had been approved under the title “longest marathon watching films/movies (cinema).”

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Thrilled by the positive response, Adebiyi couldn’t contain his excitement and shared the news with fellow Nigerians on Twitter.

He wrote;

“Special Thanks to @GWR Guinness World Records for granting us this application. Ekiti, Nigeria! Kindly anticipate!!!🔥🔥🔥”

According to the Guinness Word Records, the record for the longest hours spent watching films is held by Sri Lankan man Suresh Joachim, who achieved the feat in Johannesburg, South Africa, back in 2015.

Suresh dedicated a staggering 121 hours and 18 minutes to watching movies, setting a benchmark that Adebiyi aims to surpass.

The anticipation surrounding Adebiyi’s record-breaking attempt is growing, as people eagerly await his journey towards making history.

As Adebiyi prepares to embark on this challenging feat of watching films for over 121 hours, it remains to be seen how he will manage the physical and mental endurance required to break the current record.

See below;


With Hilda Baci having successfully completed 100-hour cookathon and Damilola from Ekiti in an attempt to beat this record, don you think Adebiyi Israel has what it takes to set a new record for the longest film-watching marathon

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